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In an effort to provide unique, improved training and continuing education solutions to our graduates, International TEFL Training Institute has joined forces with the European Global School, facilitated through the Bangkok School of Management.  As a result of the cooperation, the European Global School awards our graduates of our 120-Hour Combined and the 120-Hour On-Site TEFL Certifications two credit modules for their TEFL certification training they underwent at iTTi.  The two-module credit is toward an MA in Education awarded through The European Global School, an accredited international higher education organization grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various areas of study

The credit transfer occurs by iTTi forwarding detailed transcripts for our 120-Hour onsite and combined training to the graduate school.   Upon review of the transcripts, our TEFL graduates will be admitted to graduate study if they can prove two prerequisites: a bachelor’s degree of an accredited higher education institution and a successfully completed 120-Hour iTTi TEFL Certification with a teaching practicum.  Additional service hours as an English teacher will support (but are not required) their application for admission.

Completing an accredited master’s degree in education makes the holder a valid candidate for competitive public school positions in the United States as an example.  After passing the required state tests of the Department of Education, the graduate will get the teaching license and have improved chances of being hired due to the master’s degree, a high level in the field of education.

Likewise, European Global School is accredited by ASIC, a British accreditor of international colleges and universities.  ASIC is accredited by the British Council and the British Government.  As a result, the MA Ed. Is fully acknowledged in the U.K. and facilitates getting employment in the teaching sector over there.

As European Global School is registered with and accredited by the French Government, the MA Ed is valid throughout the European Union.

European Global University is recognized by the Department of the State in the U.S. as an international, degree-awarding university.

Following find more information about the course work.


The full course program consists of eight modules delivered over a 12-month period.

However, candidates who already hold a iTTi 120-Hour TEFL Certification with six observed classes of a Teaching Practicum will be able to receive credit that allows two modules to be waived.

For iTTi TEFL graduates the course is therefore divided into six separate modules:

Module 1: Curriculum & Instruction: Planning & Development
Module 2: Dimensions of Learning: Application in Classroom
Module 3: Assessment in Education: Measurement & Evaluation
Module 4: Educational Technology: The 21st Century Classroom
Module 5: Classroom Dynamics and Behavior Management
Module 6: Educational Research: Designs and Procedures

Course fees for the entire Master’s program are US $4,500.


To be eligible for the MA in Education you must

  • Possess a recognized Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Have a high English language proficiency level (CEFR C1 level).
  • Have a minimum of three years classroom teaching experience or….
  • The three years’ teaching experience can be waived with your iTTi 120-Hour TEFL Certification with Teaching Practicum.


Each module will require somewhere in the area of 50 hours of study, including a 3,500- to 4,000-word assignment. On completion of all the six modules and their written assignments, you will then need to submit an action research paper of around 5,000 words to complete the course.

While you can set your own pace, the whole of the course content is delivered over a period of a minimum of eight months.

For candidates who have already completed a BA in TESOL, a further two modules will be waived. (Contact iTTi at info@teflinpakistan.com for details.)

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